VW MK4 How To Replace The Trunk Microswitch In A Jetta

Overview Thanks to VgRt6 from the ‘tex for this DIY that explains how to replace the trunk microswitch on a MK4 Jetta. Category: Electrical Difficulty: Easy Original Author: VgRt6 These microswitches commonly fail, causing the trunk light to operate intermittently, or not at all. It would be wise to check that the bulb is good … Read more

VW MK3 How To Swap Front-Ends Of A Jetta And A Golf/GTI

Overview Category: Exterior Difficulty: Moderate Authors: soncjet & sprintcarnut19 Thanks to soncjet and sprintcarnut19 from CePA for this DIY on how to swap the front ends of a MK3 Jetta and a Golf/GTI. At first glance this seems like a huge, somewhat scary, project, but the authors assure me that it’s really not that bad, … Read more