VW MK4 How To Relocate The Front License Plate


Thanks to euro-steez from the ‘tex for this DIY that explains how to relocate your front license plate from the front bumper center rub-strip to the lower driver’s-side grill. (see the picture in Step 7 as an example)

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I don’t like screwing into the bodywork to put on a front plate, but many states require it be “secured” by bolts. This DIY gives you the option of attaching the plate to a non-painted/cheaper part of the front of the car.
Author quote: “And for those worried about the grill falling out, it is still intact even after plowing snow many times” 🙂


Plate relocation toolsHere’s a list of recommended tools to complete this job:

1) Drill
2) 3/16″ drill bit
3) Super glue
4) 1/4″ drive ratchet
5) 1/4″ drive 10mm socket
6) Awl or pick


Plate relocation partsHere are the parts needed for this project:

1) Four 2″ fully-threaded stainless 10mm bolts (The author used half-threaded galvanized since he had them on hand.)
2) Two stainless washers
3) Four 10mm stainless nuts


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Plate alignment1) Line up the license plate with the top and left side of the grill. Use an awl or pick through the top two license plate mounting holes to mark the location for drilling.

Remove grill2) Pull out the grill: There are two tabs on the top, just use your fingers to push down at the locations shown in the pic. Pull the top out first and then the bottom.

Drill locations3) Drill 4 holes; the bit is one size smaller than the bolts being used for a snug fit. The top two hole locations were marked in Step 1. The lower two holes are somewhat arbitrary, as they are simply used for the bolts that will act as ‘stand-offs’. (Shown here still on the car for the correct orientation. We suggest that you drill it off of the car to avoid damaging anything behind the grill.)

Bolt installation4) Using the ratchet and socket, thread two bolts all the way in through the top holes from behind, and two bolts about 1/4″ through the bottom holes from the front.

Nut installation5) On the back of the grill, secure the bottom bolts with two nuts (left arrows) using the ratchet and socket.
The author also added super glue to the top two bolts for additional strength, (right arrows) as he did not have fully threaded bolts on hand.

Test fit plate6) Test fit the plate. As you can see in the picture, the top two bolts hold the plate to the grill, while the bottom two bolts act as ‘stand-offs’ to keep the plate vertical when it’s mounted. The angle of the plate can be adjusted by either tightening (closer to the bumper) or loosening (farther from the bumper) the lower two bolts. If you make any adjustments, don’t forget to adjust the nuts too.
Once you’re satisfied that everything looks good, remove the plate and pop the grill back into the bumper.

Finished relocation7) Reinstall the plate using the remaining two 10mm nuts and washers.

You’re done!


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