VW MK2 Golf / Jetta / GTI Coding The Heidelberg VI Radio


This DIY will explain how to enter your radio code on the factory Heidelberg VI radio.

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    Author: DIYJus

Check the pictures below to be sure you have the correct model covered by this DIY. When done, your radio should unlock and function again!


None, but you will need your 4 digit radio code. Typically, you can find this on the original radio paperwork in the owner’s manual, or even written on the side / top of the radio.

Note: If you do not have your code, please see this DIY to find out how to get it.


This job shouldn’t require any parts. 🙂


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Radio in SAFe mode1) Hop in the car and turn the radio on. (On some MK2’s this requires you to turn the ignition on) Your radio should show “SAFe” on the display.

MK2 radio2) Push the “AM/FM” button and the “SCAN” button simultaneously and hold them for about three seconds.

Entering radio code3) The display should change to “1000”, as in the picture. Using the station keys 1-4, enter your radio code. Each key corresponds to one of the digits. So, in my case with the code “1093”, I had to only hit the 3rd station key until the 3rd digit showed a “9”, and the 4th station key until the 4th digit showed a “3”. (no, my code won’t work on your radio) 😉

Accepting radio code4) Once your code is completely entered and looks right on the display, push and hold the “AM/FM” and “SCAN” buttons again for about three seconds.

Radio code success!5) If the code is right and everything goes through, the display should change to “FM 87.9” and you are good to go! If not, you are free to repeat the process to try a different code, etc… Be aware that if you fail the code too many times, the radio will lock up further and you’ll have to wait a few hours before you are allowed to try again.


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