Review: Weathertech Cargo Liner

Overview Today I’m reviewing a Weathertech cargo liner, purchased for my MK3 Jetta. Reviewed By: DIYChris Vehicle: 1998 MK3 Jetta GLX Price Paid: $111.95 (shipped) from Overall Rating: 9/10 Value Rating: 7/10 I really don’t use the trunk of my car that much. Sure, I’ll throw a few bags of groceries back there once … Read more

VW MK3 Jetta How To Install A Cargo (Trunk) Liner

Overview This DIY will explain the procedure for installing a Weathertech cargo (trunk) liner in a MK3 Jetta. Category: Interior Difficulty: Very Easy Author: DIYChris Note: Although the trunk design is different between the Jetta and Golf/GTI, as well as between generations (MK3, MK4, etc.), the installation procedure is the same for all of them. … Read more

VW MK2 Golf / Jetta / GTI How To Remove The Radio

Overview This is a general overview of how to remove the factory radio in a MK2. Category: Interior Difficulty: Easy Author: DIYJus Date Submitted: 2007.01.23 There were a few different types of radios used over the years, so the pictures may not match exactly.   Note: Some factory radios will require a security code if … Read more

VW MK2 Golf / Jetta / GTI Coding The Heidelberg VI Radio

Overview This DIY will explain how to enter your radio code on the factory Heidelberg VI radio. Category: Electrical Difficulty: Very Easy Author: DIYJus Check the pictures below to be sure you have the correct model covered by this DIY. When done, your radio should unlock and function again! Tools None, but you will need … Read more

VW MK2 Golf / Jetta / GTI How To Remove The Battery

Overview This DIY will explain the procedure for removing the battery on a MKII Golf, Jetta or GTI. Category: ¬†Electrical Difficulty: ¬†Easy Author: DIYJus Note: You will lose power to the entire car! This means that you’ll lose your radio settings, the clock will go off, the MFA will lose the mileage, MPG, etc. If … Read more