VW MK3 How To Swap Front-Ends Of A Jetta And A Golf/GTI

Overview Category: Exterior Difficulty: Moderate Authors: soncjet & sprintcarnut19 Thanks to soncjet and sprintcarnut19 from CePA for this DIY on how to swap the front ends of a MK3 Jetta and a Golf/GTI. At first glance this seems like a huge, somewhat scary, project, but the authors assure me that it’s really not that bad, … Read more

VW Vehicle Identification

Here’s a handy guide to help identify types of VWs. The year and model can be used to determine the MK, or generation, of a car. MK2 Model years 1985-1992. Golfs and Jettas were available in two and four door versions. The GTI was only available as a two door hatchback. Although there were small … Read more

VW MK3 Jetta How To Remove The Headliner

Overview This DIY will explain how to remove the headliner from a VW MK3 Jetta with a factory sunroof. Category: Interior Difficulty: ┬áModerate Author: DIYJus It’s a pretty long process, but overall, it isn’t too hard. Try to keep your hands and fingers clean, because it’s really easy to get fingerprints on the headliner material, … Read more

Review: Weathertech Cargo Liner

Overview Today I’m reviewing a Weathertech cargo liner, purchased for my MK3 Jetta. Reviewed By: DIYChris Vehicle: 1998 MK3 Jetta GLX Price Paid: $111.95 (shipped) from weathertech.com Overall Rating: 9/10 Value Rating: 7/10 I really don’t use the trunk of my car that much. Sure, I’ll throw a few bags of groceries back there once … Read more

VW MK3 Jetta How To Install A Cargo (Trunk) Liner

Overview This DIY will explain the procedure for installing a Weathertech cargo (trunk) liner in a MK3 Jetta. Category: Interior Difficulty: Very Easy Author: DIYChris Note: Although the trunk design is different between the Jetta and Golf/GTI, as well as between generations (MK3, MK4, etc.), the installation procedure is the same for all of them. … Read more